BritishScholarship.com communicate important information concerning global scholarships, internships, and other opportunities in line with academics in a bid to ensure that the students are able to apply for desired scholarships. The content posted on the BritishScholarship.com page is protected by legal rights and is the private property of BritishScholarship.com. No other website has the right or authority to copy the content on our page without giving credit to BritishScholarship.com and if the rights are violated, legal rights are taken.

The sample content communicated on our page is material that has been led as gathered by the BritishScholarship.com team in a bid to ensure students are able to come up with their own material. We as the BritishScholarship.com team will not take disrespectful or spam material from visitors. In the event that this happens, the user account from which that disrespectful content is drawn will be blocked. It is, therefore, a call to action that in the event that you witness misleading material kindly reach us through our contact us page.

Submitting a scholarship to BritishScholarship.com

The BritishScholarship.com team appreciates the interests of educational institutions, scholarship agencies, volunteers, webmasters, and teaching facilities and invites them to send their most recent scholarships, fellowships, internships, and employment vacancies that we happily post on our website.

We faithfully confirm that the content is authentic and accurate. The party that submits relevant content takes full responsibility and BritishScholarship.com bear no responsibility but stands to share material for nurturing young students at no costs as BritishScholarship.com never asks for any payments or fees.

In the event that any scholarship or fellowship or any other listing on BritishScholarship.com for that matter feature improper or inaccurate content, the immediate action is to get rid of that account and the BritishScholarship.com team bears the right to pursue legal moves to get justice against the person responsible for that.

Purpose of BritishScholarship.com

Users do not have the permission to attempt to use deep links, robots, page scrapers or spiders, or any other automatic software for that matter to achieve the duplication, tracking, or gain access to   BritishScholarship.com site of duplicating the information present in the site or come up with a counterfeit of the navigation framework of the BritishScholarship.com site. Such activities can be disputed by BritishScholarship.com through legal action.

Links to BritishScholarship.com fellow and RSS feed terms

It is imperative to note that BritishScholarship.com does not permit other parties to include any intermediate pages or splash into our feed links. The RSS feed of BritishScholarship.com is able to be used only on sites that indicate a direct connection to our functional link, No re-directed linking to BritishScholarship.com RSS feed is permitted or the incorporation of any other links of other sites is allowed. BritishScholarship.com team reserves the right to terminate the RSS feed without notice on whichever platform moves a violation of our rights. We the BritishScholarship.com do not bear any responsibility for misleading content and bear the right to seek a legal solution.

Using BritishScholarship.com is free of charge

This website serves to provide scholarship application instructions, fellowship invitations globally, and international internship opportunities to students who are young and new as well as to nurture their young talents concerning educational opportunities worldwide giving them scholarship sponsored admission and application document samples and templates at no costs. We BritishScholarship.com do not seek any payment from people using our web and using any section of the BritishScholarship.com is completely free. In some instances, our platform gives an opportunity for some educational services or products to be advertised on our site. When this is done, we still do not charge the user for the purchase of the advertised products or services. However, only the advertisers that market on BritishScholarship.com is liable for payments collected on their sites> We BritishScholarship.com board members strictly do not permit or seek any money from users or people visiting our platform as using BritishScholarship.com is completely free.

Violation of terms of service of BritishScholarship.com

In the event that anyone is spotted going against our terms of service or BritishScholarship.com site or using our name in the collection of any kind of financial aid, we reserve the right to dispute and take legal action against that person or party.

In the event that any visitor on BritishScholarship.com used misleading, ill, or insulting comments we BritishScholarship.com support team reserves the right to get rid of their account and terminate their access to our site.

Improvements/ Extras in our Terms

The terms and conditions of BritishScholarship.com are current and can be revised with extras or adjustments at any moment or in the absence of a notice to users.

The 2022 version of  BritishScholarship.com Terms and Conditions.

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